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New Products

Tenor Trackless Keyboard Arm from KV Waterloo

Tenor Trackless Keyboard Arm from KV Waterloo

The Tenor Trackless Keyboard Arm from KV Waterloo was designed to require the minimal amount of undersurface mounting space while still providing storage for keyboard trays up to 9.5" in depth. Requiring just 9.375" of mounting depth, the Tenor Trackless Keyboard Arm features a direct mount which is ideal for situations where there simply is insufficient space to accommodate a traditional track-mount keyboard arm. It will permit full storage of trays up to 9.5" deep, such as the KV Waterloo HDPE Mini Keyboard Tray. Deeper trays can also be mounted but only the first 9.5" of depth will be stored (i.e. on an 11" deep just 1.75" of tray will protrude.)

The Tenor Keyboard Arm has all the features of traditional "tracked" arms. Keyboard height and storage are easily accomplished employing the simple "Lift-N-Lock" mechanism and angle adjustment (+10° to -15°) is a simple Dial-A-Tilt. Clearly readable independent gauges behind the tray show the current elevation and angle. Elevation ranges from -1.25" to - 7" below the mounting surface, a full 5.75" of range. The Low Profile head ensures optimal knee and leg clearance at all positions, even when fully stored the arm extends only 5.75" below the mounting point. The arm also features a full 360° swivel, offering the potential for full storage of deeper trays where there is sufficient clearance below the desk surface.

Sit-Stand desk users who desire a keyboard arm may find that the direct mount and compact design of the Tenor Trackless Keyboard Arm result in less vibration transfer to their monitors than do traditional tracked arms. As well, the trackless "direct mount" design lends itself to installation on desk with crossbars which would normally render the installation of a tracked keyboard arm impossible.

For more information on the Tenor Trackless Keyboard Arm, see the Furniture -> Keyboard Trays product line page in our online catalog.

MVMNT Folding Sit-Stand Saddle Chair from Mey Chair Systems

MVMNT Folding Sit-Stand Saddle Chair from Mey Chair Systems

The MVMNT Folding Sit-Stand Saddle Chair from Mey Chair Systems is a non-swiveling, foldable saddle seat designed for smaller or average sized users working at standard or elevated workstations.

With its saddle-style seat, and a base-mounted footrest that keeps the toes approximately in line with the knees (rather than extended forward of the knees as they would be on a leaning stool), the MVMNT allows users to sit as close as possible to a work surface built on top of base cabinets or shelves. The MVMNT keeps the torso in an ergonomically desirable upright position, while at the same time providing stability and reducing the need to bend forward from the waist. This posture is especially beneficial when fine control is needed or when greater effort must be exerted. The small back rest offers temporary support for users who like to lean back occasionally.

The height of the seat can be adjusted from 20.9" high, to 30.7" high. The height of the back rest can be adjusted independently to allow users to position support where it is needed. The seat and back rest are both padded for comfort and upholstered in black imitation leather for easy cleaning. The MVMNT features a foot-bar to provide a secure base of support when the chair is elevated. The height of the foot-bar can be adjusted independently of the seat height and can easily be folded out of the way when not required or for storage and transport.

The MVMNT features simple folding hinges, and easy handwheel adjustment of seat, back and footrest heights. The MVMNT is built on a sturdy, rectangular tube steel base. Rated to 264 lbs, but weighing only 18.7 lbs in total, the Chair can be easily transported between venues or job sites.

For more information on the MVMNT Folding Sit-Stand Saddle Chair, see the Furniture -> Chairs - Industrial product line page in our online catalog.

Featured Products

Ergo Pro Low Force keyboard

Ergo Pro Low Force Keyboard from Matias

Created for users of mechanical keyboards who want the lowest force keyswitch available, the Ergo Pro Low Force keyboard features linear mechanical switches that require a force of just 35 grams to actuate. The Matias Quiet Linear switch incorporates an internal leaf spring to create a smooth, stable, low force feel.
Like the original Ergo Pro mechanical keyboard (which provides light tactile feedback), the Low Force edition is an adjustable, separated keyboard that offers considerable ergonomic benefits, and can accommodate the typing speeds of even the fastest users.

The keyboard features the same sturdy design as the original Ergo Pro, helping it withstand the intense workloads of high performance, demanding users. The Matias Quiet Linear switches on the new edition are even quieter than those on the original Ergo Pro keyboard, and are rated at 50 million keystrokes. The key cap legends are laser etched and will not wear off even after intensive use. Bonus features include a three-port hi-speed USB 2.0 hub and special Anti-Ghosting circuitry, which enables the user to type at high speeds without dropping characters.

The separate left and right modules of the keyboard can be positioned shoulder-width apart, and tented if necessary, to help users of all sizes reduce the health risks associated with ulnar deviation, over-rotation at the shoulder, and pronation of the hands.

The feet on the Ergo Pro Low Force keyboard provide two mutually exclusive orientations. The two modules can be laterally tented 9° to create the "thumbs up" posture that reduces pronation. Alternatively, the inclination of the keyboard (which is neutral by default) can be adjusted to a negative inclination of 4.5°. The efficient, symmetrical design yields a compact lateral footprint of 14.5". Combined with the embedded numeric keypad, this greatly reduces the reach for the mouse. The spacious and generously padded palm supports prevent wrist extension. The palm supports are securely screwed to the keyboard by default but can be removed if desired.

The Ergo Pro Low Force Keyboard is available in both PC and Mac models.

For more information on the Ergo Pro Low Force Keyboard, see the Keyboards - Adjustable/Separated product line page in our online catalog.


Hero 172H Series Task Chair from Interstuhl

Hero 172H Series Task Chair from Interstuhl

The Hero 172H Series Task Chair from Interstuhl features a seat back engineered to adapt automatically to the weight of the user, providing a unique balance of comfort, ease and support tailored to every individual. To ensure users of all weights are properly supported when leaning back in the chair, the return force of the seat back is regulated by an Autofit Synchro Mechanism that can then be fine-tuned manually if desired. The seat back provides height adjustable lumbar support and is made of high quality transparent mesh with opaque, horizontal stripes that delivers excellent breathability and support for the entire back. In addition to its upright position, the seat back has an infinite range of lean-back positions. A separate mechanism allows the relative positions of the seat and seat back to be locked at four distinct angles greater than 90°, with an impressive maximum angle of 126°.

The seat pan on the Hero is tilt adjustable, height adjustable from 16" to 20", and has an intuitive hand-rolling mechanism to extend or reduce its depth (front to back) by up to two inches. Together, these features allow users of all sizes to benefit from a seat that is personalized and optimally positioned. The seat fabric is high grade commercial polyester rated at 400 g/rm.

An even higher degree of adjustability characterizes the T-armrests on the Hero. To allow users of all builds to meet their individual needs for arm support, the "4-D" armrests are adjustable for height, width (from the inner edge of the left armrest to the inner edge of the right armrest), depth (forward and backward) and full swivel (360°).

The mesh back on the Hero 3C42 Series Task Chair is available in a striking contemporary anthracite, or in a more conservative black. All chairs come with double casters for soft surfaces, and a durable, polished aluminum base.

For more information on the Hero 172H Series Task Chair, see the Furniture - Office Chairs product line page in our online catalog.


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